We were the victims of ourselves.

Got up early to go out and see the sunrise but no, it’s cloudy. why man why.

skymasterthefangirl would not recommend it; rosé is best with a couple of ice cubes in it :’) it being ice itself not so much hahahaa!

I put my rosé in my freezer to cool it quickly and then I forgot about it. So now I have a rosé slushy.


Bernadette Lafont, 1938 – 2013.
Hello darkness, my old friend #killerstaircase (at Rue Beethoven)
The sun was constantly veiled in a thin layer of cloud today in Paris. Resulted in some eery looking lighting.  (at Les Invalides)

San Giorgio Hotel | HonestlyWTF

lesfoudres:(via Cat Dish No.3 / Leah Reena Goren)